Heart To Heart

{ safe and sound sing memories theme self }

a b o u t
im suzy and I love fried chicken


  • first: we took a test, I’m pretty sure I only miss 3 problems out of 42. 
  • second: did the booklet thingy, King Henry is such a bitch, who the fuck beheaded their own wife? He married like 6 wives….
  • break: went w/ michelle to ASB to help get the poster paper, & then went to ms. shoji to help.
  • third: quiz, I’m pretty I get them all right too :3
  • fourth: I was suppose to skip 4 but mr.Kadakia didnt let me :( I skip like the last 15 minutes…& then help set up the table and food. The cupcakes & cookies were melting so we stand in the shade. 
  • lunch: we sold the cookies, I hella demand them to buy it out of force, lol. We tape the poster to dinh & mike and tell them to run around promoting! After all, we sold all of the cookies & cake, the last 2 cake, people were fighting over it! It was a success (: it was so hot. I went and get some of the Thai Tea, it was goooood! Brought back the material to ms.shoji class.
  • fifth: p.e. play baseball again, we have like 15 people & the other have like 9, but we lose….I know :( We were invincible all week, never lost a game til’ now.
  • sixth: Me & Bang enjoying eating ice cream in class (: read books & braid a fishtail for Bang.